Elisa Brosius

Pronounced: E-lee-suh Bro-shuss

Elisa Brosius Events is a San Francisco bay area event production company. We specialize in social events such as intimate bridal showers to corporate events such as company retreats, holiday parties & business meetings. Our goal is to provide wonderfully memorable experiences for our diverse clientele & their guests. You can trust in us to flawlessly orchestrate your special occasion; we are here for you from beginning to end. From over the top whimsy, luxurious themes & everything in between - EB Events delivers! 


Born in San Francisco, California & raised in the bay area, Elisa has been exposed to a melting pot of cultures & feels at home in the fast paced city lifestyle. What sets Elisa apart is her all encompassing approach to design; incorporating the celebrant's personality or the business' branding. She brings your senses to life with what you see, smell, hear, taste & touch; elements which are thoughtfully planned to create the ultimate event experience.

Mrs. Brosius aspires to become a global citizen & has a life goal of visiting each continent. Having traveled to 4 continents & 21 countries so far, she finds inspiration wherever she goes & enjoys learning about different cultures. Her design & business savvy feeds her passion to build a leading event production company. Believing that people should embrace life & live a fulfilled one is what motivates her every day. Through her daring adventures, world travels, motorcycle riding & celebrations of life's precious moments with family & friends, she consistently sends that message to the world.